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• In California, the Press-Enterprise reports that Adrian Young of San Jose has launched an online petition drive - on - hoping to persuade Tesco to keep its Fresh & Easy stores in the western US open.

Here's exactly how it reads:

"Fresh and easy has a niche market, if these stores were to go they would be missed. most of all as many as 5000 US jobs would be lost.

please show your support by signing my pettition and to keep the Quality of fresh and easy in California,Arizona and Nevada

"Your help and your vote is needed and could make all the difference. these signatures are being fowarded to tesco UK and tesco corporate to get them to reconsider their decision to close Fresh and Easy stores in the USA."

As of this morning, just 397 people have signed Young's petition.
KC's View:
Not to be unfeeling here, but what Young does not seem to realize is that there's always been a kind of petition drive available to people to keep Fresh & Easy open. They didn't have to sign anything...they just had to shop at one.