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by Kevin Coupe

Interesting story in Bloomberg Business Week about executive changes recently made at Apple, and why CEO Tim Cook decided to push Scott Forstall - who essentially was in charge of Apple's software development - out of the company, and add software to the responsibilities held by Jony Ive, who was in charge of Apple's hardware development.

According to the piece, Cook had two reasons - collaboration and consistency.

Essentially it came down to this. Forstall was not good at dealing with other Apple executives; he was said "to be a political operator in the company, managing up, taking credit for other people's work, and shutting out other divisions."

As for consistency, Cook tells the magazine that he believed it simply made sense to put the guy in charge of making the most elegant and imitated technology products on the market also in charge of "the overall feel of the product."

This may be a view of the future of Apple, as it matures as a company. It seems smart, if not revolutionary ... but struck me as a Eye-Opener.
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