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Online Media Daily reports on a new comScore analysis of online shopping during the first 32 days of the holiday shopping season, and the numbers are impressive. During that time:

• Online shoppers spent $21.4 billion, 14 percent more than during the same time a year ago.

• The increase was seen both in the number of people buying online (up nine percent to 128.7 million people) and the average spend-per-buyer (up five percent to $166).

• And, Online Media Daily writes, "The increase in spending per buyer came primarily from an increase in the number of transactions -- up 4% to 2.19 per buyer -- as opposed to the amount spent per transaction -- up only 1% to $76."
KC's View:
And this is happening because online retailers are being seen by shoppers are meeting their needs and desires. Traditional retailers need to find a way to define and effectively appeal to these and other needs and desires ... or they will have nobody to blame but themselves.