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• Senator Daniel Inouye, the Democrat from Hawaii who has been representing the 50th state since it was admitted to the union in 1959, died yesterday of respiratory complications, He was 88, and his last word reportedly was "Aloha."

As Politico writes, Inouye "arrived a half-century ago as the complete Washington outsider yet grew to become central to the Capitol and even its soul. Inouye’s quiet, restrained style led some to underestimate him. But he had a wit and shrewdness, too, combined with a record of genuine heroism and compassion for the underdog, having come of age amid discrimination against Japanese-Americans even as he served bravely in World War II," losing an arm in battle.
KC's View:
I first remember becoming aware of Inouye during the Senate Watergate hearings in the early seventies, but I was surprised to read yesterday that when Inouye came home from the war, he was in a Michigan veterans hospital - where another patient was Bob Dole, who was recovering from his own wounds and would go on to become the senator from Kansas. Also in the hospital was Philip Hart, who later became the senator from Michigan.

That's extraordinary, and the greatest generation defined.