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A new "The Why? Behind The Buy" report from AMG Strategic Advisors, the consulting unit of Acosta Sales & Marketing, looks at Hispanic shopping behavior and concludes:

• "Hispanic shoppers are optimistic and have a positive, forward-looking view that transcends today’s struggles: 32 percent of Hispanic shoppers expect their household income to increase over the next year (vs. 22 percent of non-Hispanics). 25 percent of Hispanic shoppers expect a positive change in employment in the coming year (vs. 14 percent of non-Hispanics)."

• "Hispanic shoppers have integrated ‘savings’ strategies into their grocery shopping habits: Over the last year, 55 percent bought items on sale, and 45 percent used coupons. 59 percent of Hispanic shoppers purchase store brand products to save money."

• "Hispanics are more likely to shop with others. Only 22 percent of Hispanics shop alone versus 46 percent of non-Hispanics."

• "The Hispanic shopping budget is large, at an estimated $425 per month."

• "Hispanic shoppers across all income brackets are spending more on routine trips, with the majority spending more than $100 per trip."

• "Hispanic shoppers are increasingly using digital technologies for grocery shopping and planning."
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