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by Kevin Coupe

Who knew that the consumption of lion meat was a controversy in the US?

Apparently it is.

New Jersey resident Cheryl Semcer reportedly has launched an online petition on to get the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) to ban the sale of lion meat in the US, saying that it is not subject to the same regulations as most meat that is used for human consumption.

“Restaurants shouldn’t be risking the health of their customers just for the attention that comes with serving exotic animal meat,” Semcer says. “I hope the USDA will see the more than 44,000 signatures and personal pleas for action and understand that this issue isn’t going anywhere until they ban the sale of lion meat once and for all.”

Semcer says that she started the petition when she saw that a "surprising number of chefs across the country were cooking up everything from lion burgers to lion tacos," and she says that "it's hard to see the move to serve it for dinner as anything other than a publicity stunt that puts customers and the animals at risk."

Who knew? Certainly not me.

The question I keep asking myself is whether, if I were in a restaurant serving lion tacos, I would order them.

For better or worse, the answer probably is yes. But I'd do so with the fervent hope that I was not eating Simba.

(Years ago when my kids were little, I went on a trip to Stockholm and, for the first time in my life, ate reindeer. Which was really good. But my kids were horrified when I told them about the meal, and reported that when I was almost finished, I found this little red bulb at the bottom of the plate...)
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