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• A gentleman named Michael Cronan, described by the New York Times as "a San Francisco-based graphic designer and marketing executive," has passed away at age 61 of colon cancer.

Why is Cronan a significant figure? Because he came up with the names of two pieces of technology that have helped change how people consume various kinds of content - the TiVo and the Kindle.

The Times notes that "for all his devotion to marketing and branding, Mr. Cronan felt that sometimes the demands of commerce went too far, as in the often changing corporate names attached to sports stadiums and concert halls."

“There was a time in American life where going to a sporting event or a concert was sort of magical, because a lot of these places had these fun names,” he told The Denver Post in 2010. “But these days, with the amount of people craving advertising exposure, the sponsors have found a way to sell everything. They’re selling our nostalgia, and it’s sad.”
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