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The San Francisco Chronicle has a story about a Walgreens near Union Square there that is being remodeled...

"A sushi bar would have been included at Walgreens' remodeled 19,000-square-foot flagship at Union Square, but 'there are so many sushi restaurants in the area' - 32 within walking distance - that the company decided to take a pass here, according to a Walgreens executive.

"Still, there's going to be plenty of food among the 'specialty items' when the Powell Street store, expanded to a second floor (replacing a Lori's Diner), reopens in the spring. Although the company would not disclose details, a bakery, smoothie and coffee bar, and 'fine wines' have been mentioned previously."

That Walgreens is one of some 30 stores operated in the Bay Area that are expanding their food offerings.

Those stores, the Chronicle writes, are part of heightened food store wars taking place in the region: "There's also going to be more fresh food and groceries for sale in the Bay Area in 2013 when Target opens three stores in San Francisco, Alameda and Petaluma; Walmart unveils two more 'neighborhood markets' in Pleasanton and San Jose; and new and repurposed Whole Foods Market and Safeway stores open."

And the big question - what will happen to the 19 Fresh & Easy Neighborhood markets that are in the Bay Area, now that Tesco has essentially thrown in the towel on its US experiment and is looking for someone to sell the chain to or someone to sell a majority of the chain to, unless it decides to just shut the whole thing down and cut its losses?
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