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• The Boston Globe reports that the Ocean Spray Cranberries cooperative has acquired a Chilean cranberry processing business that it says will "expand its multinational footprint and increase its capacity to produce dried cranberries by 12 million pounds annually." Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

USA Today reports this morning that when Super Bowl XLVII takes place on February 3, it will be "overflowing with beverage promotions," as both Pepsi and Anheuser-Busch InBev using the forum to push product.

According to the story, "Pepsi will run a 30-second ad for its mid-calorie soft drink Pepsi Next, and also have a 30-second promotion that helps to introduce the half-time performance by Beyoncé Knowles." And A-B "will tout existing brands Budweiser and Bud Light, as well as introduce new brews such as Beck's Sapphire and Budweiser Black Crown." In addition, "Pepsi and A-B, who both are major National Football League sponsors, are combining their brand power for joint retail displays. Pepsi's soft drinks, as well as its snack chips such as Doritos, will be touted alongside A-B's brews in stores."

• The New York Times reports that Unilever-owned Lipton is launching an ad campaign "that play up the traits of hot tea rather than making comparative claims against coffee. The campaign, by DDB New York, seeks to generate interest in the flagship Lipton product of black tea in bags packed in yellow boxes, which has been overshadowed by newer Lipton offerings like green tea, tea in pyramid-shaped bags, herbal tea, iced tea and ready-to-drink tea."
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