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by Kevin Coupe

Here on MNB, I've long written about the advantage that a strong subscription program can give retailers, and talked about how Amazon's Subscribe & Save initiative locks consumers not just into buying certain products and categories from Amazon, but also how it locks shoppers into specific brands ... which takes them out of the market and far less susceptible to competitive offers. And, I've made the point that companies like Starbucks and even Jockey (the underwear company) are offering subscriptions to their customers.

Now, takes note of yet another example. (I'm going to quote directly here, because their description and imagery deserves to be attributed.)

"If ever there was a consumer product suited for monthly subscriptions, it would be tampons. It only takes one midnight trip to the pharmacy for you to agree with me.
That’s where Le Parcel comes in. It’s a new startup that lets you choose which brand of feminine hygiene products you’d like to have shipped to you monthly, along with some chocolate of course.

"After hitting up the website, users can choose up to 30 different products, including tampons, pads, and panty liners. Le Parcel offers brands like Playtex, Tampax, Kotex, and Always.

"You can choose up to thirty different products, which means that you can choose 10 Regular Tampax tampons, 10 Super Tampax Tampons, and 10 Always panty liners, or whatever it is that your cycle requires ... The service costs $15 per month, and should take all the hassle out of your period preparation.

"Users can even indicate when in the month they need their shipments to arrive, ensuring that Le Parcel arrives before Aunt Flo."

What can I add?

It's an Eye-Opener.
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