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In the UK, the Daily Mail reports that hamburgers sold at four chains - including Tesco, Aldi and Lidl - have been found to contain horsemeat.

According to reports, about a third of beef burgers tested by regulators were found to contain horsemeat; the percentage of horse in the meat ranged from trace amounts to 29 percent. The affected meat was said to have been made at two sides in Ireland and one in England.

The companies have apologized, and pulled potentially affected burgers from their store shelves.
KC's View:
Regulators reportedly knew there was a problem when one person who ate the burgers made strange whinnying sounds, and when asked how many he'd eaten, stamped his foot on the ground three times.

But seriously, folks ... It is also said that regulators are trying to figure out how the horsemeat got into the beef burgers. Y'think? If I were a consumer over there, I'd sure as hell be changing my shopping habits based on this revelation, at least until someone comes up with a reasonable, believable explanation.

Good luck with that, by the way. I know that people yakkity yak a streak and waste your time of day, but I really want to hear what the explanation is for this.