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Internet Retailer reports that eBay-owned PayPal says that "23 national retailers now accept PayPal  payments inside their stores ... PayPal says consumers can pay through it via payment terminals inside some 18,000 retail locations.  Consumers pay by either entering the same login and password they use for PayPal online.  Shoppers also can swipe one of three payment cards co-branded by PayPal and MasterCard."

In addition, the company says, it has launched a "new mobile ordering test involving a California store operated by beverage retailer Jamba Juice" that will "enable consumers with iPhones to use their PayPal apps to place orders for pickup at the Emeryville CA store in the San Francisco bay area ... Consumers can use the app to select a pickup time and to pay through their PayPal accounts; those consumers can bypass the line inside the store when picking up their orders."
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