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• Delhaize Group said this week that its Q4 sales in the US were up 1.9 percent, suggesting that the revitalization efforts at Food Lion were beginning to work - even as a new Delhaize America CEO, Roland Smith, is revamping management and the organizational structure, as well as closing underperforming stores.

The company said that total Q4 sales, including all global operations, grew 2.3% to the equivalent of $7.57 billion.

• Royal Ahold reports that its US same-store sales during the fourth quarter were up 1.4 percent, higher than analysts expected and a likely reflection of shoppers' decisions to stock up before and after Hurricane Sandy.

Q4 same-store sales in the Netherlands, Ahold's home market, rose 0.2 percent, after being up 2.5 percent in the previous quarter.

Total fourth-quarter sales rose 7.5 percent from a year earlier to the equivalent of $10.4 billion US.
KC's View:
The positive and trending-up numbers at Delhaize offers, I think, a valedictory for some of the executives who now have left the company. Not to say that the company did not need change, maybe even radical change ... but things were moving in the right direction.

It is fair to suggest, I think, that the new initiatives and leadership will be helped by a tailwind moving them right in the right direction.