retail news in context, analysis with attitude reports that a new study published in Economics and Human Biology suggests that one of the best ways to help kids control their weight is to keep them at the dinner for three minutes longer each night.

The reason has less to do with what they eat during those three minutes, and more to do with what has become a truism - that families eating together often will have children who are better adjusted and socialized, more likely to have good grades, and less likely to have drug and alcohol problems.

According to the story, "The findings suggest that the factors at play are likely to be communication and the importance of a scheduled mealtime. Researchers found that families who said that shared mealtimes are an important part of family life and have special meaning for them were less likely to have a child who was obese or overweight."
KC's View:
None of this is new. But as I said in :"FaceTime" this morning, it cannot be stated too often or too strongly.