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• Following up on yesterday's piece about Walmart spending $450 million on its Canadian business during the coming fiscal year, Reuters reports that Walmart Canada plans to expand its fresh-food offerings in every store by 50 percent as it competes with Loblaws and "girds for Target Corp.'s arrival in the country later this year."

Shelley Broader, CEO of Walmart Canada, says that "Wal-Mart will add food sections to stores in Canada’s Maritime provinces this year and plans to increase its food line to as many stores as possible," according to the story.

“The addition of fresh food through supercenters a few years ago has really not only driven our growth trajectory in Canada, but it is really meeting the needs of the consumer base that was under-served,” Broader says. “I would like to put fresh food in every facility that I can.”

In addition, she says, Walmart Canada plans to add "traditional financial services" to its mix, and will consider adding "the other opportunities that come along with financial services."
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