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John Catsimatidis, the owner/president/chairman/CEO of the Red Apple Group and Gristedes Foods, yesterday officially announced that he is a candidate to be mayor of New York City, hoping to succeed Michael Bloomberg, who is retiring because of term limits.

In making his announcement, Catsimatidis praised the Bloomberg administration: "The world has confidence in our city. They have confidence in Mayor Bloomberg, they have confidence in (Police) Commissioner Kelly. And tens of billions of dollars of money is flowing into our city keeping our economy going … because of this confidence,” he said. "This is an important election, because if we go in the wrong direction at all … that money dries up. … We have to maintain the world confidence. The money is rolling in from Russia, Europe, Asia, the Middle East."

According to, Catsimatidis also sought to differentiate his style from Bloomberg's. "It’s not that I’m only a business person, I came from 135th Street. I never forgot where I come from. I’m not a Mike Bloomberg billionaire, I’m not wearing a $5,000 suit. I think my wife paid $100 for this,” he said, noting that the suit came from the sale rack at Jos. A Banks.

Like Bloomberg, Catsimatidis was once a Democrat but changed parties, and now hopes to get the nomination on the Republican line, though he emphasized that he is a moderate who is pro-gay marriage. Catsimatidis has pledged to spend as much as $20 million of his own money on the race, and said that he would work cheaper than Bloomberg, who has only taken a dollar a year in salary as mayor.

"I was a grocer, I’ll work for 99 cents," he said.
KC's View:
I read a bunch of stories about this, but could not find any coverage of how Catsimatidis would deal with quality of life issues such as mandatory calorie count postings in fast food restaurants,, jumbo soft drink bans, and the like - which have been a hallmark of Bloomberg's work as mayor.

Because it is relevant to the MNB audience - and because I'm just curious, I am going to reach out to the Catsimatidis campaign to find out how he feels about such things. If they respond, I'll report back here...