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Chief Super Markets, a 12-store Ohio-based chain, said yesterday that it is switching wholesalers, moving from Supervalu to Spartan Stores.

Stephanie Skylar, Chief’s president/CEO, said: "We are committed to delighting our customers with great food and experiences, and believe that our new partnership with Spartan will help us achieve our mission as we offer our customers superior value and service."

And Dennis Eidson, Spartan’s president/CEO, added: "Chief is known for having strong grocery selections and well-merchandised stores and we look forward to supporting their continued success with our broad selection of private brand and national brand products, as well as value-added services. We are also very excited about our expansion into Ohio as securing new business in contiguous states is one of our key strategic business growth initiatives."
KC's View:
I'm not saying that one thing has anything to with the other. But...

I have to wonder what Supervalu's independent retail customers think when they read about the millions of dollars being paid out in bonuses and golden parachutes to a few people at the top of the organization, including a CEO who was there for a whopping eight months.

Don't they look at those dollars and wonder how come that money is not being put into the cost of goods and the provision of services to their companies?

And, I have to wonder what they think when they read some of the comments Supervalu employees are making here on MNB about the company. Don't they have to wonder about whether these people - good and decent and hardworking folks caught in a bad situation - are being undermined by circumstances in their efforts to provide products and services to their customers?