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Reuters reports this morning that Graco Ramirez, a mexican state governor who has been implicated in the Walmart bribery scandal, has "sued a former lawyer-turned-whistleblower for the company and sought an apology for naming him in connection with the scandal."

Ramirez was named in news stories suggesting that Walmart has greased the wheels for fast Mexican expansion by bribing public officials, and then suppressed any investigations into the charges.

According to the story, "Ramirez, the governor of Morelos, was identified in emails released by U.S. lawmakers earlier this month as negotiating a bribe worth 2 million pesos on behalf of Walmex. At the time he was a deputy with the center-left Party of the Democratic Revolution.

The email detailed allegations provided by Sergio Cicero, a former lawyer for the company, who also provided information to the Times.

"Ramirez filed a lawsuit against Cicero claiming that email, sent in 2005, hurt his reputation. He asked Cicero to publicly say that what he alleged was not true."
KC's View:
Is this a case of legitimate outrage because he's been libeled? Or it is closer to, say, the case of an athlete who denies that he's done steroids only to admit down the line that he actually was.

No clue. But more than ever, I'm really looking forward to the results of the Justice Department and Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) probes into this case.