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The Cincinnati Enquirer reports that Kroger says it is lowering prices on some 3,500 items in its 110 Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky stores, but at the same time plans to end its double coupons program; it now will only accept coupons at their face value.

Company spokeswoman Rachel Betzler said: “We’re taking the expense that we had in doubling coupons and investing it into lower prices that will affect all shoppers, not just those who use coupons."

“We know price continues to be a top, and at times a deciding, factor when it comes to where to grocery shop,” says Sukanya Madlinger, president of Kroger’s Cincinnati/Dayton division. “Every aisle, every department in the store will contain newly lowered prices on Kroger private label and national brand products.”
KC's View:
Kroger eliminated double couponing in its Ralphs division in Southern California last year ... it must have gone well enough that it wants to try it in another division close to home.

I think these kinds of moves are smart - I've always believed that coupons provide an illusory benefit, and that retailers would be better off providing targeted discounts and preferential pricing to best shoppers that have been targeted through savvy loyalty marketing programs. That's one of the things that Kroger's dunnhumby connection allows it to do.

My belief is that in the long run, it is the retailers with the most actionable information about their shoppers - and then actually use it - that will be the winners. Kroger, if I'm judging the situation accurately, wants to be part of that continuum.