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In the UK, the Telegraph reports that Tesco has begun a new service called "Clubcard TV," which offers the streaming of movies and TV programs - essentially, the same service that Netflix offers - for free to people who are members of the company's Clubcard program.

According to the story, "Clubcard TV is a joint offering from Tesco Clubcard and blinkbox, the movie streaming service which Tesco bought 80 per cent of in 2011. The service is currently in beta, a software development stage, but customers who have a Clubcard are able to sign up now to watch."
KC's View:
What I like about this is that Tesco seems to be taking a page from Amazon's book. Amazon keeps adding features to its Prime program without raising the price, because it knows that cementing those shopper relationships has enormous long-range implications. And that's exactly what Tesco is doing.