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Food Business News reports on a new survey from AT Kearney suggesting that seven out of 10 shoppers are willing to pay more for locally sourced foods, and that almost 30 percent of shoppers would change stores if their primary supermarket did not offer local products.

In addition, according to the story, "Shoppers indicated they would spend more on local groceries if retailers provided better education about the food’s origin and displayed local products more prominently."

The story goes on: "While most shoppers opt for the one-stop convenience of a big-box retailer, they tend to question the authenticity and origins of its local food selection. Consumers ranked farmers markets and farms as the most trustworthy source of local food, followed by natural food markets, locally owned supermarkets, national grocery chains, big-box retailers and on-line grocers."
KC's View:
Not sure about this. I think people say they'll do something, and they mean it, but I'm not persuaded that this is as big a trend as some would suggest.