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The American Psychological Association has published a new study saying that 18-to-33 year olds, the so-called millennial generation, tend to stress out more than older generations, with more than 50 percent of those surveyed saying that their anxieties keep them awake at night.

According to a piece in the Los Angeles Times, "A dour economy is top of mind for young people, with work and job stability sending their stress levels soaring. And no wonder -- their unemployment rate is 13.1%, well above the overall nation's 7.8%. A recent survey of 2010 college graduates found nearly half were in jobs that didn't require a university diploma."

And, the story says, "Nearly 40% of millennials said their stress shot up in the last year, compared with 33% of baby boomers and 29% of those 67 and older."
KC's View:
I'm afraid that I'm a little unsympathetic on this one.

In part, this is because I find it hard to believe that stress can keep anyone awake at night. (Mrs. Content Guy says that I don't have trouble sleeping even at those times when I should have trouble sleeping. I say it is because of clean living ... but she's dubious.)

I get that young people have concerns about their professional futures, because an economic resurgence has taken so long and been so slow. But I would suggest that if they're being kept up at night by these concerns, I worry about how they're going to respond when they're married, with kids, paying off mortgages and putting your kids through college and dealing with aging parents and worrying about graying hair and receding hairlines and expanding waistlines and all sorts of other stuff.