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The New York Times reports this morning that Patrick R. Donahoe, the US Postmaster General, is asking the Congress "to give the Postal Service permission to run its own health plan for employees and retirees, modify a Congressional mandate that requires the agency to pay $5.5 billion a year into its fund for future employee health benefits, and end Saturday mail delivery. Mr. Donahoe said the changes would allow the agency to save $20 billion by 2016."

The request is being made despite the fact that the USPS already has announced its intention to end Saturday mail delivery in August, believing it does not require Congressional permission to do so.

The USPS already is facing some pushback from Congress on that decision - with some Senators questioning whether it has the legal authority to make that decision, some asking if it will have an outsized impact on rural communities, and postal unions saying that the impact will be negligible.

Donahoe says that the USPS "debt could reach $45 billion by 2017 if Congress does not act," according to the Times.
KC's View:
Anybody who gets in the way of allowing the USPS to make these changes simply are contributing to its ultimate demise.