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There are a couple of new developments in the horse meat scandal that has roiled the European food industry...

• The Associated Press reports that Portuguese authorities have seized 87 tons - that would be 174,000 pounds, if my limited math skills are correct - of beef products that contain traces of horse meat. The products include items that already were on store shelves, such as meatballs, lasagnas and hamburgers.

• The Guardian reports that "South African food scientists say there is water buffalo, donkey and goat meat in mislabelled South African foods including beef burgers and sausages.

"A study published by three professors at Stellenbosch University found that 99 of 139 samples contained species not declared on the product label, with the highest incidence in sausages, burgers and deli meats."

The good news - no horsemeat was found in the beef.
KC's View:
What's the over-under on when some horse meat or other non-beef meat is found in some US products? Because I'm beginning to think this is inevitable...