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Tom Mars, the chief administrative officer at Walmart and a decade-long veteran of the company, will leave Walmart in two weeks.

The Wall Street Journal notes that no reason has been given for his departure, "as the Bentonville, Ark., retailer's general counsel from 2002 to 2009, Mr. Mars was involved in an investigation into bribery allegations regarding a Wal-Mart store built near the Mexican pyramids, according to company e-mails released earlier this year by members of Congress."

And, the story says that in a 2005 email to CEO Mike Duke, Mars wrote: "The attached memorandum summarizes an interview conducted with a former WalMex in-house lawyer. The lawyer asserts in some detail the alleged corruption by various WalMex associates, including senior people. You'll want to read this. I'm available to discuss next steps. PS: Welcome to Wal-Mart International."

No replacement has been named.
KC's View:
I can see it now.

Months from now, Mars will be called by Congress to testify about bribery allegations facing Walmart, and he will be prepared to name names and lay out dates and strategies. But, like Frankie Pentangeli, when he gets to the stand he will see Mike Duke and Lee Scott sitting in the audience, and between them will be his brother, Vincenzo. And he will say that he knows nothing about any bribery, and that Walmart has only behaved in a socially acceptable and legal fashion.

It'll be an offer he can't refuse.