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by Kevin Coupe

Consider this a public service announcement.

Have you heard about the new YouTube sensation called "Gallon Smashing"?

You're gonna love this. Sure you will.

It works like this. A young person - usually a male - walks around a supermarket carrying two gallon containers of milk or juice. When they think nobody is looking, they smash the containers against the floor or cases and then fall to the ground. people who rush to their assistance believe that they've slipped on a wet floor ... except, of course, the floor wasn't wet until they smashed the gallon containers.

And, of course, while customers were not looking when they did it, there was someone watching - a confederate with a video camera. And the footage ends up being posted on YouTube.

(Trust me on this. Just go to YouTube and search for "gallon smashing." It is right up there with the Harlem Shake and Gangnam Style.)

Now, there are reports that the guys who started this trend do end up paying for the gallons they've smashed. But that doesn't change the fact that they are committing vandalism, pure and simple. And by posting it online, where it has been seen my millions of people, it encourages other people to do it.

So here's my suggestion.

If you are a food retailer and this happens in your store, help these young men to their feet ... and then hold the little bastards by the scruff of the neck while you call the cops and press charges.

Maybe, for them, it'll be an Eye-Opener.
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