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Reuters reports that Walmart is selling more than 200 SKUs manufactured by small, woman-owned businesses in nine countries on a "Empowering Women Together" section of its website, part of its effort "to position itself as a leader in women's economic empowerment ... Wal-Mart's goals include spending $20 billion over five years through 2016 with women's businesses that provide goods for the company's U.S. business, up from about $2.5 billion a year previously. It also aims to double sourcing from international suppliers run by women."

The story notes that "Wal-Mart continues to work on transforming its image from a corporation that critics say underpays workers and does harm with its large stores into an outspoken corporate citizen that hires more veterans, reduces its impact on the environment and works with local suppliers."

The items are being sold only online, not in Walmart's bricks-and-mortar stores.
KC's View:
Not sure that this program is going to make some woman scraping by in a Topeka supercenter, frustrated that she can't get raises and promotions that she thinks she deserves, feel any better. But it's better than nothing.