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• UK-based Tesco said yesterday that it is acquiring the Giraffe restaurant group for the equivalent of $72.7 million (US), a move that will give it 48 restaurants.

According to the story, "The acquisition will help Tesco create 'compelling retail destinations where customers can meet, eat and drink, as well as shop.' The first Giraffe to open next to a Tesco store will be near London, it said."
KC's View:
I saw the headline for this story yesterday, and I got all excited because it had the words "Tesco" and "Giraffe" in the same sentence. These days, with the continuing horse meat scandal unfolding in Europe, it seemed at least possible that we were going to have yet more contamination of the food chain.

Alas, it was just an acquisition.

I don't want to say that I was disappointed, because I never root for these scandals to undermine the credibility of the food chain. But it would have been a fun story to write...