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• Safeway announced that Bruce Everette, 61, is retiring as Executive Vice President, Retail Operations after a 44-year career at the company. Kelly Griffith, currently the President of Merchandising, has been chosen to succeed Everette.

• The Boston Globe reports that Zipcar CEO Scott Griffith is leaving the company, just months after the care-sharing company was acquired by Avis for $500 million.

Griffith will be succeeded by Mark Norman, president of the company.

The Globe reports that Griffith's memo to employees said, in part:

"After a thoughtful review of the company’s needs over the next several years, I’ve concluded it’s best if I step back and give someone else the opportunity to put the pedal down and take Zipcar to the next level. This is a bittersweet decision because I don’t feel like my work here is completely done. I recently heard someone say ‘artists rarely feel they have finished a piece of work, rather at some point they simply decide put their brush down and move on to their next piece.’ I get that. It’s time to put my brush down and move on to my next piece. So as of today, I’ll be handing off our unfinished canvas to a new leader. With great excitement, I’ll be proudly transitioning the leadership of the company to Mark Norman and the team that will take Zipcar to the next level."
KC's View:
This isn't confirmation, but it does suggest that maybe Avis is on the verge of screwing up the Zipcar value proposition. Which would be a real mistake.