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• The Seattle Times reports that has been hit with a class action lawsuit, filed in U.S. District Court in Seattle, charging that the internet retailer has unlawfully held monies due to third-party sellers for more than 90 days after sales have been made. The suit is seeking restitution, interest and other unspecified damages.

According to the story, "The suit revolves around Amazon’s third-party-seller business, which enables merchants both large and small to sell their products on its website. The complaint argues that, by holding sellers’ money longer than allowed, Amazon racks up interest and uses the extra cash to support its operations."

• The Seattle Times reports that Starbucks in investing heavily in drive-through kiosks, both for its flagship brand as well as for its Seattle's Best Coffee banner.

The company says that "all future Seattle’s Best stores will be drive-thru kiosks," and it eventually expects to have thousands of them. In addition, "Starbucks now has more than 2,300 U.S. drive-thru locations and plans to add about 900 over the next five years," the story says.
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