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The Major League Baseball season started in earnest yesterday, and here at MNB Global Headquarters, there is a certain amount of satisfaction - the NY Mets beat the San Diego Padres 11-2, the Boston Red Sox beat the NY Yankees 8-2, and the Seattle Mariners beat the Oakland A's 2-0.

Watching the Mets game yesterday, I find myself watching a relief pitcher named Scott Rice throw a three-up-three-down inning for the Mets, and wondering who he was. here's what said about him:

Scott Rice, a first-round pick in1999 who spent the next 14 years in the minors, earned a spot on the New York Mets' Opening Day roster. Rice, 31, is on a major-league roster for the first time. The left-hander will work out of the bullpen after he compiled a 3.18 ERA in 11 innings of work in the spring. Rice, 31, had a 4.40 ERA for the Dodgers' Triple-A team last season.

And here's what Michael Sansolo texted me about him:

He's the real life Crash Davis!

I love stories like Scott Rice's. in the long run, his presence in the bullpen may speak to the Mets' pitching weaknesses. But yesterday, at least, the sun was out and he looked unhittable.

The world is filled with possibility.
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