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by Kevin Coupe

I get a lot of email. More than 500 a day, on average. Many are notes from MNB users, and, luckily, there often are messages from potential MNB sponsors or invitations to speak at various conferences and meetings. There also are a healthy dose of press releases, new product introductions, and invitations to cover events of various kinds ... and, to be honest, some of these are more compelling than others.

I've been doing this a long time, and a couple of days ago, I got one of the best emails ever.

On the face of it, the email shouldn't have been anything special. Just an invitation to the United Fresh annual convention, scheduled for San Diego this May. But in order to garner attention, United CEO Tom Stenzel engaged in a bit of skydiving, leaping from a plane and landing on the deck of an aircraft carrier docked in San Diego.

You have to watch the video.

All I can say - and it seems appropriate considering United's value proposition - is that Tom Stenzel has some set of onions.

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