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The Los Angeles Times reports that a coalition of community groups has filed a lawsuit against the city of Los Angeles, seeking to overturn decisions that permitted Walmart to build a Neighborhood Market in the city's Chinatown.

According to the story, "The Asian Pacific American Labor Alliance L.A., working with the Southeast Asian Community Alliance, said the city’s Community Redevelopment Agency board failed to review the Chinatown project before building permits were awarded for the planned supermarket. The nonprofit groups contend that a redevelopment vote was required and are seeking to have the building permits rescinded."

This is just the latest effort to stop Walmart from opening the store, which currently is under construction.

"Special interest attempts to block our store have not only been without merit but also proven to be a waste of time and resources," said Walmart spokesman Steven Restivo.
KC's View:
The opponents are welcome to spend as much time and money as they want to try to block Walmart. But it remains hard for me to take them too seriously about the whole 'character of the neighborhood" thing since there is a Subway next door and a Burger King across the street. This is politics, pure and simple. Nothing wrong with it, but let's call it what it is.