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by Kevin Coupe

Go figure. Kids actually pay attention to their parents. Sometimes.

There is a story on Media Post about how there are at least some teens who think it is "cool to share a passion for a brand with mom or dad." Conversations with a number of teens revealed that a) "buying from the most well-known brands—everything from Chanel to Gap to Clinique—passes down from parents to children"; b) "inter-generational shopping influence is a two-way street. Teens, who are out in the world trying new things, expose their parents to newer brands"; c) "loving the same brand as a parent (can be) a bonding experience"; and d) there are some boundaries that teens don't want parents to cross, especially youth-driven fashion retailers.

But the broader lesson, I think, is a good one, especially for retailers looking to maintain long-term sustainability for a retail experience. These marketers should be thinking about ways to encourage cross-generational shopping (parent-child cooking schools? coupons that encourage parent-child referrals?), and to do it in a way that encompasses both the bricks-and-mortar experience and online shopping. Each side has stuff they can teach the other, and savvy marketers ought to be taking advantage of the opportunity.

It could be an Eye-Opener.
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