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There is a story worth reading in The Nation about how Walmart has been accused in a federal lawsuit of manipulating inventory levels in a way that could have artificially inflated the company's profit margins and stock price, and how the accuser - who once managed logistics at the company's Bentonville headquarters, oversaw human resources management in a five-state region, and once received the the Sam M. Walton Hero Award - now says he was fired because he was black.

Sylvester Johnson's case, the story says, "seeks to prove that he was treated differently than his white counterparts. He argues that while white district managers were manipulating inventory counts to make their stores appear more profitable, he refused to engage in such a practice and was fired on false charges of doing so."

Walmart denies any such wrongdoing.

It is a fascinating story, based on six hours of interviews. You can read the whole thing


The case is scheduled to go to trial on April 22 in a North Carolina federal district court.
KC's View:
This will be a fascinating trial to watch - a former Walmart golden boy goes up against the Bentonville Behemoth, with a lot more than one discrimination suit at stake. In view of some of the other issues that Walmart has been dealing with, can you imagine how bad it would be if it were found guilty of essentially juggling the books to make things look better?

I'm not saying Walmart is guilty. But the accusations certainly sound plausible. Now, we have to see if they are provable.