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The US Postal Service said yesterday that it is abandoning plans to stop Saturday mail deliveries, citing a legal opinion that it does not have the right to make such a decision unilaterally.

The USPS had planned to end Saturday mail delivery - though parcel delivery would still take place, and post offices would be open - in August, a move that it said would save it $2 billion a year. The USPS lost almost $16 billion last year.

However, the USPS says it still hopes that Congress will pass legislation that allow it to end Saturday deliveries.
KC's View:
I've said it before and I'll say it again ... these guys are having an irrelevant argument about an obsolete issue.

Go to five, four or even three day a week mail delivery, and nobody under 30 will notice. Or care.

What they really ought to do is set a date - maybe January 2016 - upon which the USPS will be completely disbanded, and then convene a group of top minds (Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos are the kind of people I have in mind) to design an entirely new, 2016-appropriate postal service ... and then give them six months to do it. They probably won't even need the six months ... because these guys are used to doing business in real time. And then, maybe we'll have a mail system that is right for the 21st century.