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Bloomberg reports that Jerry Murray, the Walmart vice president of finance and logistics who wrote an internal email describing the retailer's February sales as a "total disaster," an email that subsequently was obtained and published by Bloomberg, has left the company after seven years there.

Walmart said Murray left on his own accord.

The retailer has been under fire recently because of numerous reports saying that it was not maintaining appropriate inventory levels in its stores, which was leading to declining sales, which then resulted in labor cutbacks, which led to fewer people on staff to stock shelves.

When Murray's email first became public, Walmart said they were taken out of context and were not “not entirely accurate."
KC's View:
Not surprising that Murray has left the company. I'd heard reports that the other Walmart kids were stealing his lunch and picking on him on the playground, and who wants to deal with that.

Hey, Murray violated the virtual loyalty oath. He didn't release the email to the media, but his name was on it, and that was almost as bad. I'm sure he had very little future at Walmart, and so it simply made sense to get out of Dodge.