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"The politics of genetically modified food has created a rift in a policy-setting committee of the influential Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics that demonstrates the difficulty in finding anyone — anywhere — who doesn’t already have an opinion on the issue," the New York Times reports this morning.

At issue is the firing of a dietitian working on a panel charged with setting policy on genetically modified foods, who contends "she was removed for pointing out that two of its members had ties to Monsanto, one of the biggest makers of genetically modified seeds." The piece suggests the degree to which companies like Monsanto can have an almost insidious level of influence, in which its interests are being represented by people who claim - questionably - to have no conflict of influence. And, it points out the degree to which the debate about GMO safety may have more to do with economics and politics than anything else.

You can read the whole story here.
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