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Yahoo Shine reports that Target, which got into trouble last week for calling a color used for plus-sized dresses "manatee gray," when stand versions were called "dark heather gray," is in trouble yet again for a name it used.

In this case, the product is a line of women's sandals, and the name was "Orina."

The story says that "while the store initially believed the word 'Orina' to mean 'peace' or 'peaceful' in Russian, about a week ago they found out that it actually means 'urine' in Spanish. The company is now in the process of relabeling all of the $19-$22.99 shoes that are still on their shelves ... While the name isn't that offensive in and of itself, it does point to a certain amount of cultural ignorance on the part of the retail giant."
KC's View:
It is somewhat of a relief that the story says that "customers seem more amused than outraged." It would have been a shame if this mistake had really pissed people off.