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by Kevin Coupe

Today being Tax Day, it seems like a good day for a laugh.

So we submit for your consideration a piece that was in the Washington Post by Gene Weingarten in which he critiques a new online section of the New York Times called "Booming," designed for Baby Boomers.

Weingarten suggests that the Times has it wrong:

"It contains stories that the Times editors seem to think my kind of people would want to read. One of the first, for example, was about the proliferation of low-cut jeans that make your belly flab ooze over the waist. It was basically a complaint about what those crazy kids are wearing today, and a paean to the glory days of Mom Jeans. Another article was titled 'Why Do My Knees Hurt?'

"Also, there is a regular feature called 'Making It Last,' interviewing couples who have stayed together at least 25 years. The stories contain all the heat, passion and sheer exuberance of a barium enema. Here’s a direct quote from one: 'We are still in love and have mutual respect for each other.'

"Anyway, I’m here today to make some suggestions to the Times for making 'Booming' even better. First, change the title. 'Booming' is too loud. We boomers prefer a little peace and quiet when we kvetch. Call the section 'Oy'."

And then, he suggests more than a dozen story ideas that are really relevant. My favorite: "A weekly TV feature summarizing the plots from all the shows you miss by going to bed at 9:30."

Weingarten has won the Pulitzer Prize twice, and he's always worth reading. For this one, click here.

It's an Eye-Opener.
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