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It is fair to say that Kmart is afflicted with a stodgy image that has made it difficult to seem relevant and get profitable in a retailing environment getting more competitive with every passing day.

But with one video, it may be that Kmart has found a way to address that weakness.

It is a commercial, currently available online, called "Ship My Pants." You can watch it by clicking on the screen above, or by going here.

The video is funny. It makes a serious point about Kmart's ability to ship products to shoppers that it does not have in-store (hardly a revolutionary offering, but Kmart is not known even for doing what is expected by consumers). And it has gone viral - as of this writing, it has been viewed by more than 9.6 million people. (It also seems to be getting far more positive response than negative - more than 45,000 people have given it "thumbs up," while just 2,000 gave it "thumbs down".)

KC's View:
Good for Kmart, a company I've been extremely critical of over the years.

I feel like paraphrasing Lou Grant when I say to Kmart, "You got spunk. I like spunk."