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The Cincinnati Enquirer reports on how Kroger "is tinkering with technology that allows customers to scan grocery items themselves as they take them off the shelf. Called 'Scan, Bag, Go,' it provides interested shoppers hand-held scanners and bags as they walk in the door. Customers scan and bag items as they navigate the store, then scan a bar code at the front of the store that transfers their order to the checkout ... Kroger has been testing Scan, Bag, Go technology at a few stores in the region since fall 2009. It has added two new stores for a total of five in the pilot project in the last year. Upgraded software with more vivid text displays is being rolled out to test stores."

While Kroger is said to be "tight-lipped about their plans for the technology."
KC's View:
Combine this kind of customer scanning with the data being generated by its shoppers and evaluated by Dunnhummby, and Kroger's long-term strategic potential looks enormous. The upside is huge, and the company clearly is positioning itself to have more actionable information about its shoppers than almost anyone else.