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Forbes has a story about how "Wal-Mart and Amazon are both such enormous companies that there isn’t even a fitting cliché to clumsily describe their battle for e-commerce supremacy. There isn’t a David in this fight. If Wal-Mart’s Goliath, Amazon is Godzilla."

Essentially, the story recaps a discussion that we've been having here on MNB for....more than three years. Here's how it lays out...

Walmart is much bigger than Amazon, but Amazon is much more successful on the web. They'll be roughly the same size by 2020. Walmart is trying to imitate Amazon in some areas, such as pickup lockers and same-day delivery. Amazon is building up its capabilities in the area of food, with a planned roll-out of its Amazon Fresh grocery service.

And the battle continues...
KC's View:
Memo to the editors at Forbes.

Back in December 2009, I suggested a perfectly good cliché, one that was far better than Godzilla vs. Goliath.

Alien vs. Predator.

Works for me.