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• Could it be?

The Apple iTunes store will be 10 years old on Sunday.

While the iTunes store started with just 200,000 songs, the Associated Press puts it into context:

"The iTunes music store became much more than a solution; it changed how we consume music and access entertainment. It’s not only music’s biggest retailer, it also dominates the digital video market, capturing 67 percent of the TV show sale market and 65 percent of the movie sale market, according to information company NPD group. Its apps are the most profitable, it has expanded to books and magazines, and it is now available in 119 countries. This week, iTunes posted a record $2.4 billion in revenue in first-quarter earnings."

Bloomberg Business Week reports that plans to release a set-top TV box that will challenge Apple TV as a method of streaming content. According to the story, while Amazon's content is available via other set-top boxes, "building its own gadget will help Amazon put the content more directly in front of consumers and give developers another reason to create apps for Amazon's digital platform."
KC's View:
Just a reminder of how much change and innovation has taken place, and how competition continues to drive. it forward.