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• On National Pubic Radio (NPR), The Salt reports that "the frozen food industry just hired two big ad agencies for a $50 million campaign to convince us that frozen food is good."

The story says that "studies comparing the nutrient content of frozen vegetables with fresh find that frozen ones are almost as good. But there are plenty of variables, including how long fresh vegetables have been stored since picking, how long their frozen counterparts have been interred in the home freezer, and how both types are cooked."

The goal is to bring together a number of companies - including ConAgra, Heinz, and Kellogg - to speak in a unified voice to get the marketing message across.

• Interesting piece from Bloomberg about how Chipotle is experiencing sluggish sales in the UK, apparently because it is perceived as having high prices and a too-stark decor. But that doesn't mean that the burrito craze hasn't kicked in: "Fast-casual eateries like Chilango, Tortilla, and Benito’s Hat are expanding in London and making forays outside the city, to regions where beans are served on toast and the Cornish pasty is the handheld food of choice." Londoners seem to prefer somewhat more adventurous food - such as roasted pork belly
burritos and achiote braised chicken burritos - as well as a more upbeat atmosphere.
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