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• Walmart is circulating a memo saying that it is expanding a program that it says allows employees greater opportunities within the company.

According to the memo, "Walmart is fulfilling a commitment its U.S. President and CEO Bill Simon made in January to bring more transparency to its scheduling and allow associates to choose more hours for themselves.

"Walmart is piloting the program in Denver and Fort Smith, Ark., to provide associates with transparent and consistent information on available shifts throughout the store and give them the opportunity to request to work any of those shifts.

"Associates now have more transparency into available shifts outside of their department: For example, a bakery or deli associate can now request to work an available shift in electronics or the lawn and garden area and vice versa.

"This program is showing value beyond filing available shifts. It’s providing associates the opportunity to help build their careers by learning about different departments, which helps strengthen our stores and benefit associates and our customers. We want every associate to find the career opportunities they want while at Walmart."

Walmart says that the pilot program, "which began Feb. 1, is scheduled to expand to more stores in July and roll out to the company’s more than 4,000 stores by the end of October."
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