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eMarketer estimates that "96.6 million US adults will be digital coupon users by the end of this year, with the figure expected to top 100 million in 2014."

And, the website projects that "the number of US adult smartphone users who also use mobile coupons will jump from 31 million at the end of 2012 to 40.8 million at the end of 2013 ... eMarketer estimates that nearly half of US adults who use digital coupons will use the mobile variety by the end of this year, with the number climbing to six in 10 by 2015."

Here's the interesting thing about the way these stats add up:

"A September 2012 Forbes Insights survey asked US consumers to identify activities that made them 'feel engaged with or invested in a brand.' The most popular answer, cited by 41% of respondents, was to 'sign up for special deals or email updates'." And, eMarketer reports, "Smartphone and tablet users said money-saving offers were the most important characteristics of apps, according to a December 2012 survey by Adobe Systems Inc."
KC's View:
The suggestion is that you've got more people than ever using smartphones, like using smartphones to access money-saving offers, and see such offers as helping them engage with brands. And so, even if the economy improves and people have more money to spend, the likelihood seems to be that they'll keep using digital coupons and other deals made available on their smartphones.