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• The Richmond Times Dispatch reports that many Kroger customers are likely to see lower prices, as the company said "it is lowering prices on thousands of items in the 121 stores in its Mid-Atlantic Division, which includes locations in Virginia, North Carolina, West Virginia, and eastern Ohio, Tennessee and Kentucky." The cuts include national and private brands.

Reuters reports that "PayPal hit a new milestone on Tuesday in its quest to be accepted in millions of physical stores," saying that it has "signed contracts with 50 merchant acquirers, which will help extend PayPal's in-store payment service to more than two million outlets in the United States by the end of 2013 ... PayPal's expansion into physical stores gives the company access to a market that is roughly ten times the size of the online payments sector where it got its start over a decade ago."

However, Walmart remains skeptical and has "so far resisted attempts" to get PayPal into its stores.

"We do not see the value proposition for brick and mortar merchants to accept PayPal in-store as it is an aggregation of tender types already accepted in-store at a higher cost and complexity to the merchant," Wal-Mart spokesman Randy Hargrove wrote in a recent email to Reuters.
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