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The Detroit Free Press reports that Domino's Pizza has created a new website, Domino's Live, that shows the live goings-on at a Salt lake City, Utah, store courtesy of five cameras that have been positioned in and around the kitchen.

According to the story, "It’s not quite reality TV -- there’s only video, no audio and it’s only at one store -- but Domino’s officials said they hope the behind-the-scenes show will be entertaining to watch -- and probably will urge employees to be on their best behavior while stretching dough and adding toppings ... It’s also in keeping with the new store design that allows carry-out customers to peek into the kitchen - and the company’s effort to make pizza making a more transparent process."
KC's View:
Domino's has come a long way since that infamous time a few years ago when a couple of idiot employees decided to pick their noses and put the pickings onto pizzas ... and then put video of their activities on YouTube. Domino's then-management responded to the events by, in addition to pressing charges against the idiot employees, banning all cameras from its premises.

I argued then - and would argue now - that this was the wrong thing to do, that in the interest of transparency and reassuring the public, it should have welcomed all cameras into its stores.

Which essentially it is doing now.