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The contest is over, and a winner has been named.

As reported a couple of weeks ago on MNB, Connecticut-based Stew Leonard's ran a caption contest when someone snapped a picture of comedian Jerry Seinfeld leaving one of its stores with a shopping cart full of groceries. (See picture at right.)

And so, the retailer offered a $200 gift certificate to whoever came up with the winning caption. Which I thought was a very smart - and opportunistic, in the best sense of that word - thing to do.

Well, yesterday I got an email from Stew Leonard's announcing that there had been more than 6,000 entries ... and the winning one, from Lori Mancini of Brewster, New York, was as follows:

"15 years later and I'm still feeding Kramer!"
KC's View:
The winner may have gotten a gift certificate, but Stew Leonard's got more than its fair share of publicity.